Top 10 Trails for Horseback Riding in Ohio

There are so many beautiful places throughout Ohio for horse and rider to enjoy. In Ohio you can find big mouth bass in a nearby lake, or white tail deer scampering through the under growth. You can catch sight of Cardinals flickering above in the majestic red maples over head. With beautiful landscapes to enjoy, spend this summer out trail riding in the “Heart of America” with your best pal. Rod’s has searched all corners of Ohio to bring you inside information on where to go trail riding.

Rod’s Top Choices-

1. Malabar State Park-

Malabar Farm was a vision of Pulitzer Prize winner Louis Bromfield and is truly a scene   out of a classic novel. The park has something for everyone, no matter the age group and interest you enjoy. Start at the Main Barn and see history come to life. This full functioning barn is dedicated to sustaining life and preservation of Ohio agriculture. Take a trail ride through the woods to a 15 site horseman’s camp, where you and your horse can sit beside the camp fire and invision nights in the wild blue yonder. All trails are well maintained and offer good footing for beginning riders, while offering comfort and ease for even the finest cowboys. On your way out stop by for a lunch at the Schrack House for a home cooked meal while watching over the Pleasant Valley.

2. Smoke Rise Ranch

Catch a glimpse of what it was like to live in the Old West.  There are so many things to do and get involved in, or you can sit back and relax down on the farm. If you are looking for adventure sign up for a cattle drive, team penning or guided trail ride. When you get back relax by the campfire telling tall tales about the experience. The facility is an operating cattle ranch, with a lot to do and see.

3. Hocking State Forest-

Great summer ride, but a must for autumn! Enjoy the spongy greenery through the forest, and enjoy the frequent glances overlooking the brightly colored tree tops. The air is crisp and cool in the autumn and brings breath taking sights of richly colored leaves, deer and all walks of nature while on the safe, well maintained trails. Trails vary from easy rolling hills, to steep and rocky hill sides, some not recommended for the beginning trail rider. The horseman’s camp provides a night under the stars away from it all.

4. Deer Creek-

Trail ride through the park and along the creek with your horse to the campgrounds where you can enjoy the great outdoors around a blazing campfire. Horse riding facilities are available for all skill levels, where the whole family can participate and enjoy. Guided trail rides are available for any size group bring your own horse or use one of the grounds’ horses. Experience an afternoon of great American living.

5. Shawnee State Park-

The largest forest in Ohio ranging across 63,000 acres offers bridle trails throughout the entire park. Equestrian campground allows for a relaxing retreat after a long day of riding. Located near Bear Lake, spend some time looking over the crystal blue waters while relaxing with your horse. Trails have exceptional footing, and are well maintained. Small creeks run throughout allowing for easy access to drinking water for the horses.

6. Infirmary Park-

Fun for the whole family! Enjoy leisure trial rides stretching over 10 miles and 326 acres. Low to moderate mounds add to the leisure ride. Be sure to bring along a camera, you are sure to see fascinating wildlife throughout the wetlands, and the whole park.

7. Paint Creek-

Enjoy a leisurely ride along the creek and through the valley. 26 trails and a primitive horseman’s camp allow riders a glimpse of out west.

8. Alum Creek State Park-

Travel 50 miles of winding trails through the woods just north of Columbus. Cross over the water to the horseman’s camp and enjoy a good ride on a lazy afternoon.

9. Great Seal State park-

Located in Chillicothe, Ohio, catch a glimpse of some of the breath taking gorges Ohio has to offer with exceptional rock formations. Trails vary from low plains for beginners, to steep rocky hill sides for the experienced rider.

10. Tanglewood Acres-

Centered around the true western lifestyle. Enjoy home cooked meals, a wood blazing fire, shops and a silent creek running through camp. Group rides available.

Please share your experiences on these trails, or add other trails that you have enjoyed and feel people would like to know about!

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  1. Not the right info on some. Go to Deer Ceek and all you can find is lodge info, REALLY. This was supposed to be a trail ride info……….

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