June: Fight the Filthy Fly month

Horse flies and mosquitoes target horses because they are warm blooded. Mosquitoes and Horse flies are biting flies that feed off of blood.  Flies commonly land around the eyes, because the secretion of the eye is said to be sweet and attractive to the flies.

Flies and mosquitoes are harmful to horses for many reasons. Flies are pests of horses, but do not generally carry diseases. The most common problem flies cause is pain and swelling around the bite. Horses may become unstable and unmanageable when bitten, which is harmful to both horse and rider.

Mosquitoes on the other hand can be very harmful to horses. Some mosquitoes carry West Nile Diseases. West Nile infects the blood of the horse, eventually crossing into the brain causing brain swelling and damage to the functioning of the nervous system. The recovery is painful and very costly.

Unfortunately there is not any way to completely clear your barn or field of flies and mosquitoes. There are several steps to minimize the exposure of your horses to flies and mosquitoes. The first and most important step is minimizing the breeding grounds of these pests by clear any and all unused buckets that are holding water. Mosquitoes and flies breed in water and the larva is semi-aquatic. Next, you can try and limit high humidity grazing times by putting your horses out in the field in the evenings, and early mornings when flies and mosquitoes are less prominent. The only way to dramatically decrease the exposure to flies and mosquitoes is using pesticides, sprays and horse wear.

Let Rod’s help outfit your horse and protect him against pesky mosquitoes and flies with our wide selection of Fly Sprays and Repellants. Rod’s currently has a wide selection of SALE fly and mosquitoes protection.  Items are on sale until August 1st and while supplies last. Rod’s is also running an exclusive sale for our blogging community to receive 15% off horse care. Enter FLY2010 at check out to receive this promotion.

Please comment below on any fly prevention you use, or what you find helpful. Feel Free to pass this blog along to horse owners, trainers and barn managers and keep the fight against the flithy fly going.

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