Helpful Tips When Selecting Your Felt Hat


               Did you ever wonder how a felt hat is made? Do you have questions on quality and functionality? Read ahead and you will learn a lot more about felt hats!

                Felt hats offer many different benefits. They are worn for many reasons including comfort, shelter and style.  Felt hats are made of animal fur, wool/cashmere or a blend of materials.  

                Beaver fur hats are the most luxurious felt hats available and they will withstand the rain and snow better than any other material. The amount of beaver fur used in making a hat is represented by an “X”. The larger the X value, the greater the amount of beaver fur used in the hat. Many 100X hats  are pure beaver hats but it must be stamped on the hat.

                Blended hats offer a mixture of quality and comfort while being less expensive. The materials used in a blended hat are generally rabbit pelt and wool. Rabbit fur is coarser than beaver fur, but still provides substantial durability over wool.

                Wool hats are made of natural material including cashmere or angora. A wool hat does not resist wet weather conditions very well yet they offer a lower price point and make a great starter hat.

Felt Hat Making Process-

  1. Raw Material-

               The material is chosen for the hat and blended.

      2. Cone Body-

               The blended hat material is shaped into a cone loosely resembling a hat. This hat shape is large in size and somewhat flimsy.

      3. Hat Body-

               The cone body is shrunk and blocked to produce the finished hat body.

      4. Finishing Touches-

               The hat is stiffened, cut to size, sanded, powdered and the trim applied. At the end of the process the hat is ready for shaping according to the desired specifications.

               To help you get ready for felt hat season, we are giving away a free Bailey felt hat! To enter into the drawing tell us the reason(s) why you need a new felt hat in the commetns below. There will be one winner drawn on Friday, September 17th.


  1. The simple reason why I need a felt hat is that I don’t have one. I have three inexpensive straw hats, but alas, no felt hat…(sigh).

  2. I wish to get back into showing horses after taking 10 yrs off. The only hat I have is hopelessly misshapen, dirty and 20 yrs old! Out of style I’m sure and not nice enough for the show ring. Of course I also need clothes and chaps too…unless I lose 40 lbs so I can wear my old chaps that hopefully don’t have marks from being folded up on a shelf :o)

  3. I have not worn a western hat in many years until this summer when for my birthday my son bought me a straw hat and had it shaped….I love it and wear it all the time. Now that summer is about over, I would love to have a felt hat for the winter. I love all the differant designs that are in style now and most of all, how you can be dressed up or down wearing a hat…I love it !

  4. My felt hats have all seen better days. They’ve been through alot of rodeo queening hairspray, my best buddy flipping it off my head when it was windy and my darn dog sitting on it when I sat it beside me on my truck seat, I swear they did it on purpose ; ) It’s starting to get cold her in North Dakota and my straw hats and baseball caps just aren’t cutting it right now. I’d love to even get my 3 year old her first cowgirls hat to go along with her adorable cruel girl jeans and roper boots. She wants to be a cowgirl and rodeo queen just like Mommy.

  5. Can you say, “Taco?” That’s what my old felt hat looks like – a taco shell. I definitely need to update the look with the current style. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to look good and show well in the pen.

  6. I would love to have a new black felt hat because you all at Rod’s HAVE to be tired of dusting off and re-shaping the one I bought from you 4 years ago !! Made it through all of those show seasons with your help!! (Speaks well for your products and customer service don’t cha think? :)))

  7. Do you make felt hats for Children? I have a little nephew who will be two soon I would like to get him his first real cowboy hat.

  8. I have been busy putting my son through showing in AQHA shows and congress. I just haven’t had money to spend on myself. I manage some shows and have been on the Region Five commitee for several years. Maybe I can get to show some select classes since Chris is in college.

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