5 Safety Tips When Working the Farm


              There are an estimated 2.2 million farms in America, spreading over 922 million acres. Agriculture is ranked as one of the most hazardous jobs. Keep safe while out on the farm with our five safety tips. Help spread awareness of Ranch and Farm Safety week by adding some of your own safety tips and sharing this blog with farm owners and operators.

  1. Machinery- Read all operating manuals when working with machinery.
  2. Tractor- Clear all work space of debris before operating the tractor. Be sure to wear a seat belt whenever the tractor is in motion.
  3. Gear- Gear should be put away and organized after each use to prevent clutter and unsafe work space.
  4. Weather- Read weather forecasts prior to heading out for the day. Dress appropriate for extreme weather conditions.
  5. Hydration- Stay hydrated at all times especially in extreme weather.

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