Brands for the Active Lifestyle – Cinch Jeans

In 1996, Rocky Mountain Clothing Company based in Colorado introduced a brand designed to give fashion, sophistication and quality to the active cowboy who lives in his jeans. Cinch brand has become a revolution to the western industry. By providing cowboys the option of quality western jeans, woven shirts, tee shirts, outerwear, and accessories inspired by the attitude and values of the western lifestyle, Cinch has proven to be a mainstay in the western world.

 Today Cinch Jeans continue to lead the western industry providing quality and fashion forward trends. Cinch was introduced in March 2010 as the new sponsor for the National High School Rodeo Association, as well as various other organizations, keeping Cinch an influential part of the western community.

At Rod’s you can find new styles and shipments each month of Cinch apparel. As one of Rod’s largest and best selling brands, Cinch apparel is continually changing at Rod’s.

**Limited Time Offer – Entry to win a Cinch duffle bag! Add a comment below telling us why you love the Cinch brand. We will randomly draw 1 winner on Monday, November 15, 2010.Cinch Duffle Bag 2010


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24 responses to “Brands for the Active Lifestyle – Cinch Jeans

  1. Angie McCabe

    I love Cinch cause it is tough for enough for the rodeo!

  2. Barb Becker

    How can you not like Cinch????
    It is the most comfortable brand out there!
    I wear it, my husband wears it, and my three boys wear it. We wear it for good, everyday and sometimes to bed.

  3. Darrin Zumbahlen

    I love Cinch Jeans! I use to wear wrangler, until my wife wanted me to try Cinch jeans it was the new thing out. After trying them on I was like they feel pretty good, so she insisted we buy them. Well that was it I was hooked. My favorite is the green label. Those are the only jeans in the house now.

  4. Leslie Ward

    I love Cinch products because they are of good quality and they are DURABLE! I put my clothes and equipment through a LOT and Cinch products can withstand me!

  5. Brian Dugan

    I love Cinch Jeans, because they are the most comfortable riding jeans. Very Durable, and stylish. I wear Cinch Jeans on a Daily Basis. My Wife introduced me to Cinch Jeans, and I fell in love. Cinch Jeans are the only jeans I’ll wear or ride in, My favorite Cinch Jeans are the Green & White Lables. I wear cinch shirts as well, which are also comfortable and very stylish, they do not make a shirt/jean i will not wear.

  6. Christina Trail

    We Love Cinch Brand! It is tough enough to live up to my husband’s demands. He’s a cowboy and he works out of town through the week, so I know he would love this bag! He destroyed one of my luggage bags within two weeks, but I know this bag could live up to his standards! Keep up the good work!

  7. Shelley Wilborn

    I would love to have a cinch bag to give to my daughter for her to put her clothes in that she needs for showing her horse. Atleast we would have it all together and hopefully not forget something. Plus her birthday was November 10. Great late birthday present!

  8. Mary Moore

    My friend and I saw the Cinch duffle bags at Congress and loved it!! It would be a great bag to take to horse shows!!

  9. Tammy

    I love Cinch brand because it is durable and a good quality product!

  10. Candy

    Great quality products that hold up to to outdoor wear and tear. And if I don’t say so myself the jeans look pretty sexy on my husband :o)

  11. Julie

    Cinch is a stylish yet durable brand. they always make such practical things!

  12. Scott Cornell

    I really like Cinch jeans, they are a staple in my woredrobe. The dufflebag would come in really handy too.

  13. Katie

    I love Cinch because it’s durable and tough enough to hold up under my crazy lifestyle & schedule!

  14. Jennifer Vaughn

    I have been buying Cinch Jeans and Shirts for years. They are very durable and wash and wear well (better than Wranglers). In today’s economy value is everything, lord knows my cowboy is rough on clothes! We buy Cinch for both comfort and value. Who wouldnt love that! The bag is awesome!

  15. I am in love with Cinch!!!! I wear alot of Cinch jeans. They are amazing, I won’t go back to Wranglers! -Becky

  16. Anja Dekkers

    I love cinch because they are so comfortable!

  17. Randi McCoy

    I love Cinch cuz they look nice. They are the jeans that all the guys wore at my wedding and they all looked fantastic.

  18. hey, cinch is the only brand I wear, shirts and jeans. and most of them were bought from Rods too. I won’t wear other brands of jeans or shirts.

  19. Clare Panning

    I love Cinch because it’s the toughest brand of jeans out there. They are comfortable for those long days on a horse and durable for all that farm work that has to get done. And best of all, the cowboy’s sure look good in ’em!!!

  20. Amy Stong

    Never wore cinch jeans! Gotta get me a pair!

  21. Shawna Sites

    I love all cinch products. They are always very reliable. The jeans,I can’t even explain. They are the best, if they will hold op with me barrel racing and pole bending, then they are good..

  22. Jillbilly

    Why Cinch? That’s easy. Walk behind a cowboy wearing Cinch jeans, you will find the answer:)

  23. Cynthia mason

    I love cinch its styling an comfortable shows how well put together someone is an I intend to continue my use of cinch!!!!

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