Get 2 FREE Tickets to the World’s Toughest Rodeo

World's Toughest RodeoCome and see some of the fastest and roughest riders compete in the World’s Toughest Rodeo competition!  You’ll see some of the biggest names in the business participate in your favorite rodeo events such as barrel racing, bareback, saddle bronc riding and bull riding. Plus, you’ll be laughing all night long with the rodeo clowns! This event is sure to be fun for the entire family and all ages are welcome. 

The World’s Toughest Rodeo is scheduled to make a stop in Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, 2/19. Whether you are local to Rod’s, or plan on coming into town for the rodeo, tell us which style of Wrangler jeans is your favorite and why.  We will send you two FREE tickets to the World’s Toughest Rodeo upon receiving your opinion.  We can’t wait to hear from you!


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78 responses to “Get 2 FREE Tickets to the World’s Toughest Rodeo

  1. Thomas K.

    I like your store, but ya’ll really don’t have much of a section for little boys which makes shoping for my son there real hard to do.

  2. Allison

    I’m not sure which style of jeans I have but I got a pair of Wrangler Premium Patch jeans for Christmas, it’s the first pair of Wrangler’s I’ve had. I love them because they fit perfect! Will definitely be buying more!:)

  3. Michael Constiner

    Not sure where to leave the comment to get the tickets, but I love the Wranglers Cowboy Cut Original Fit. These are some tough jeans and never seems to let me down. Whether I’m out working in the stables or just going out for a ride, these jeans are able to do it all and still be comfortable enough to stay out of the way.

    • ned rainer

      i just wanted toleave my comment also to get the 2 free tickets to the rodeo.i just recently bought a pair wrangler cowboy cut jeans from rods western place i love thefit and they go great with my latigo tall boots.

  4. Sara P.

    The Q baby tuff buck they fit really well and hold up great for riding every day and I love the no gap waist band.

  5. ERG

    I love the 20X series! They fit amazing!

  6. Rachael

    My favorite jean is the ultimate riding jean. I love the no gap wasteband! and also the mid rise is very nice when riding and ver comfortable

  7. callie rollison

    20X. They are the only pair of jeans I have ever bought of the Wrangler brand that fit me best and are so comfortable. I wear them everywhere!

  8. Tasha

    20X are my favorit. They fit me just right and they hold up to just about anything I do on the farm.

  9. Kristi

    The new 20x series, never was a fan of the girls jeans but these are awesome, and they fit great, keep them comin!!

  10. Tiffany

    I love bootcut =) and I loved your booth at the equine affaire, you have so much stuff and I loved it!

  11. Virg Search

    Mine favs are the relaxed fit you know for older heavy guys lol

  12. Melissa W.

    I love, love, LOVE the Premium Patch ladies’ jeans! I am short and have a hard to fit shape and they fit just right from the lower waist to the boot cut legs! They are durable and look great! I want to own ONLY these jeans…please do not stop making them! Thanks! :)

  13. Katy Roberts

    I have several pairs of Wrangler Aura jeans for women and I love them. They are so comfortable to ride in and look good on anyone!!! They are the bomb!!!
    I love your catalogs and website!

  14. Jeanne Askey

    I keep going back to my favorite 20X’s!

  15. Ray Schmidt

    Wrangler retro. Good looks, great fits.

  16. Doug E

    The new cowboy cut 47MWZ. Really like the oversized watch pocket.

  17. Virg Search

    Mine are the cowboy cut great jeans

  18. John Ressler

    I’ve been wearing Wrangler 936 slim fit jeans for well over 20 years and still love’m. Everybody laughs at me because I have them starched and creased, but nothing makes a cowboy’s butt look better than a pair of good fittin starched Wranglers…even an old butt like mine!

  19. Jessica G

    I love the 20x series, they fit great and make me feel sexy.

  20. I love Rods but wish they would carry more of the “home stuff” they have online in the store. We live local and hate to pay shipping but usually are at the store when the warehouse is closed. Thanks!

  21. Mackenzie

    20x are comfortable and fit well

  22. Amy

    I have worn Wranglers for years! They are comfortable and long lasting, a good buy for my money!

  23. Rochelle

    Q-baby fit great!

  24. Sarah Funkhouser

    I love my wrangler jeans and if I had a bunch of money would buy almost everything in the Rods catalogs and store! But I will just start out by purchasing my favorite pair of wranglers this spring!

    • L. Maksem

      I wear jeans all the time-and Wrangler Boot Cut fit the best and are comfortable on those long work days!!! I plan to buy more from Rods!!!

  25. Pat Becker

    I really love the way my wrangler jeans fit – especially comfortable when horseback riding!

  26. Dale

    I love the Wranglers Cowboy Cut Original Fit. They are comfortable, look great and are very durable. They will last forever.

  27. Tom Torrence

    The Cowboy Cut Original Fit are by far the best. Been wearin them for years and have had a very hard time wearing them out.

  28. Nate Douridas

    I always purchase the Wrangler Retro jeans. They are my favorite. They are the most comfortable, longest lasting work jeans available.

  29. Queenie

    WE love cowboy cut orginal fit,,that is all hubby and I wear,,,,,we stock up at congress every year,,,we are hooked we give wranglers as gifts,,,can’t beat them they wear forever,,,,

  30. Lisa Freitas

    My favorite jean is the Ultimate Riding Jean. My second favorite is the cowboy cut original fit on the right cowboy walking away!

  31. Maria Johnson

    I love your Mae and 20X jeans, they are my favorite to ride in!!

  32. Lisa

    Wrangler Jeans are the best! I cannot find a pair of jeans that fit me better than 20x, although I do like the some of the other styles that Wrangler has designed, but the classic Wrangler patch pocket jean is my favorite to wear and to look at on the Cowboys, wish more men wore them!

  33. Barb

    20x Feather Canyon jeans are the BEST ever!! They fit like no other jean out there! Wrangler definitly has the best quality jeans.

  34. Laura

    My favorite pair of jeans is the Q-baby Ultimate Riding Jeans by Wrangler they are so comfortable and I wear them all the time when riding!

  35. Rick Wagner

    Give me the original for working with my horses. The newer, lower rise and “tougher” jean is much better. For casual wear, any of the other styles are fine.

  36. Peggy Silvis

    I love the Wrangler blues jeans for ladies. They fit perfect. I need lenght of 34 and they come that tall. Most jeans don’t. I would put them up against the new pajama jeans and they would win! I love them for a night out on the town or riding my horse all day.

  37. Carey Williams

    My favorite pair of jeans would be my heavens touch jeans they comfortable, i havent been able to ruin them yet and i love the cross design on the pocket it adds just the right sparkle

  38. Amy

    My favorite pair of wranglar jeans is the Ultimate Riding Jean. I got a pair from rod’s and the lady was great with helping me find the right pair! My favorite part is the deep pockets because when I ride I do not have to worry about my phone or keys falling out. I also like that they stretch and that makes it easier to get on and move in them. I love them and wear them for riding and just everyday. I will defintally be getting another pair.

  39. Ashley

    The Cash Wranglers are the best! Bought them last year during equine affair and they are the best pair of wranglers I have ever owned.

  40. Brittany Kuhn

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the premium patch diamond stud jeans! They are great for wearing to the shows but I don’t think twice about wearing them out for a night on the town with the girls:) I also love the durability that all Wranglers provide :)!!!

  41. Aubrey Briggs

    My favorite Wranglers are the 20X Feather Canyon Jeans because of how low they ride and the wash is perfect I also love the design on the pockets!

  42. I like the Ladies’ Black Aura Instantly Slimming Casuals By Wrangler. I need that extra stretches for comfort.

  43. Hannah R.

    I love the Q-baby Jeans. I’m only 18 and most riding jeans fit me really badly. They have a really high rise or aren’t attractive enough to wear for anything besides riding. These jeans I wear all the time, riding or not. They are extremely comfortable and flattering.

  44. Angie O.

    I used to wear the “old style” cowboy cut wranglers but not anymore! My new love is the “Yes you Mae” pink label Wranglers!!! So comfortable and a perfect fit. Oh and my cowboy likes the way they look too:)

  45. Brent S.

    My wranglers? Origional cowboy cut. Always have been always will be.

  46. Angie S.

    My favorite Wranglers are the premium patch “Mae”. I love the way they fit. Just right for me!!!

  47. Mikayla

    Cant chose a favorite. I love them all. They are the best to ride in!

  48. Rick

    Great products at a great price!

  49. Ryan

    Just the normal ones. That’s what I like.

  50. Barbara

    I love the Q baby Ultimate Riding Jeans. They fit well and are very comfortable. I wear these all the time, riding or not.

  51. michele

    i love the wrangler vintage series. They look awesome on men!!

  52. Tim

    I like the 936 GBK, lower waist, very comfortable.

  53. Christen

    My favorite is the Premium Patch Ultra Low Rise boot cut. They are the best fitting Wranglers I have ever had and they have just enough stretch so that they keep their shape and don’t get too baggy. I am 6′ tall and hate when my jeans ride up when Im on a horse- these are long enough and their shape keeps them right in place. The boys like them too!! 😉

  54. Kelli Evans

    My favorite pair of wrangler are the premium patch jeans with the night sky pockets. They are my favorite because they are so comfortable while i am riding my horses.

  55. Jane Sarosy

    My favorite pair of wrangler jeans are the premium pach jeans with the sunshine pockets. They are my favorite because they are comfortable while i show my quater horse.

  56. Mychelle

    My daughter loves the Premium patch jeans! She can’t wait to get the Dancing Queen pair!

  57. Sam

    I buy Original fit for my guy. As a Big & Tall guy it is hard to find anything else in his size that still fits well in the seat. Also they are very rugged especially for the price.

  58. Barb Rice

    I really like the dark vintage Aura Jeans by Wrangler. The fit is fantastic and the look is very good.

  59. Kelsi

    I love the Aura jeans. They’re great for riding and everyday wear!

  60. As a professional racecar driver I need a pair of jeans that are comfortable, rugged, and long lasting to wear. While in interviews, and press meetings I need to have jeans that are relaxing, and comfortable while still being very stylish in front of the cameras. I also need a pair of jeans that are rugged enough and tough enough that can withstand working out in the race shop on the racecars, while not having to worry about if my jeans are going to last till the next day. This is why my jean choice is Wrangler #98LX Relaxed Boot Jean. The jeans fits all my needs and comfort levels that are needed on my busy weekends at the racetrack, and while back home.

  61. Kim Evans

    I love the women’s Q-Baby The Ultimate Riding Jeans…. They fit me great. Thanks for making a quality plus size jean

  62. Richard T Evans

    My favorite pair of Wrangler Jeans are Relaxed Fit Pro Rodeo I drive a semi and they are very comfortable for getting in and out of my truck and for the long rides.

  63. Jodi

    I love Wrangler’s 20X brand. They fit great!

  64. Holli

    20X are the best!

  65. Vicki

    We love the cowboy cut, they’re perfect everyday jeans.

  66. Brittany Gabalski

    I love my premium patch wranglers in 3 different styles & love them.. its the only jeans i wear!! i also have a pair of 20x that are great too

  67. Cindy N

    I love the 20x’s the fit like no other jeans I have tried.

  68. Samantha Neikirk

    i love the premium pach jeans! they are so comfortable and fit me perfectly, not to mention they look good:)

  69. Kristi

    Any cowboys butt looks better in wranglers……nothing fits like wranglers on a guy.

  70. Alexis Brown

    I love my Wranglers, there are no other jeans I would rather wear!

  71. Brandon

    My favorite Wrangler jeans are Wrangler #98LX Relaxed Boot Jean. These jeans are the most comfortable when riding my horse Rougar.

  72. Kayla :)

    I LOVE wrangler jeans!! they look fantastic all the time, when Im riding or hanging out at the club or something. seriously.

  73. Rob

    I love my original cowboy cut jeans I just can get over how great they are to ride in!

  74. Billie Hazelette

    I love the 20x series, they fit great

  75. Brian Scherer

    I only wear the George Strait Cowboy Cut, love the fit and the extra pocket symbol

  76. John Ressler

    If you wear western clothing and live in Columbus, or the surrounding area you shop at Rod’s. The friendly staff and huge inventory make it your one-stop shop for the western life style. I’ve lived in Columbus for 16 years, and been wearing Wrangler products for a lot longer than that. George Strait has always been my hero, so the country gentleman starched and creased look is the style I prefer. For me, that means Wrangler slim cuts and George Strait shirts. It’s the look that never goes out of style, just like real cowboys (and real country music) never go out of style.
    Long Live Cowboys

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