Beat Horse Boredom in the Winter

Horse can become bored, much like humans, in the winter. Most of their time is spent indoors in the stall, and this can take a toll on your horse psychologically. There are several things you can do to beat stall boredom throughout the winter when your horse is spending less time in the field. Below are five cost efficient ways to help prevent boredom for your horse.

  1. Jolly Ball – This extraordinary play ball is not like all the others. Puncturing and biting will not destroy this ball – does not need air to inflate!
  2. Jolly Stall Snacks – The Jolly Stall Snack and the Jolly Stall Snack Combo with apple scented Jolly Ball are sure to alleviate stall boredom.
  3. Activity Ball – Can be used as an aid in training horses, a tool to help riders work on balance and improve seat position, and a horse toy that offers hours of enjoyment.
  4. Horse Pas-A-Fier – Reduces boredom-related problems.
  5. Salt Lick – With the Himalayan Horse rock salt lick, you receive 200 million years of accumulated energy plus many of the natural minerals needed by your horse.

How do you beat horse boredom in the winter months?

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