Rod’s Has a Gift She is Sure to Love

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a truly gorgeous gift for any horse lover! Whether you are purchasing a gift for your mom, wife or mother figure in your life — Rod’s has a gift she is sure to love.

Kelly Herd offers fine jewelry in equestrian designs that are sure to be a show-stopping gift. The equestrian designs are made of gold and sterling silver, and feature many gemstones including diamond. Kelly Herd offers something for every budget however. Their sterling silver collection feature cubic zirconia, making the gift both affordable and beautiful.

Shop our Kelly Herd collection today!

Tell us why your mom the best in the comments below and enter to win a FREE Kelly Herd ring as a Mother’s Day gift. Drawling will be on Monday, 5/12.



  1. My mom is the best, because no matter what she is always there for me with the best advice possible!

  2. My mother is my best friend! Unlike any other friend I’ve had she knows everything about me more than anyone else, she comes to help and supports me at every horse show I’m in, and she is the first person by my side whenever I’m in trouble, and she gives me advice on how to live life and be happy.

  3. My mother has taught me everything I know about my horses, and life. She is an amazing woman who always looks for the positive in the most dreadful circumstances. She can always make you laugh and lives by Gods. She will give you the shirt off her back and recently when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, shes been there for me every step of the way and always calls to see how I am doing. Not just physically but emotionally as well. I will love her always and forever, she is my hero, angel and mom!

  4. She is beautiful and amazing!!!! She raised me by herself, is the best mama ever, she is always there for me through thick and thin, and she is an amazing grandma! I love her so much and am so thankful for her! I would be lost without her! I don’t get to see her as much as I would like as we live 6 hours from each other. I am so blessed that God gave me her and for letting her be a Grandma to my kids! I now know the love my mom always talks about that she has for me! I never understood that until I had kids myself!! Such an amazing feeling!!

  5. My mom is the greatest. She thinks of everyone but herself even non-family members. She is always giving and serving others. She deserves something wonderful for Mother’s Day.

  6. I am the best mom ever or at least try to be….I am a mother of a 5 yr old little girl and a 2 yr old little boy..,and despite my youngest short age…I volunteered to take care and become temporary guardian of my twin nephews… They were 3 months when we welcomed them in our hearts and and are 9 months to this day . The journey has been hard but I would not have it any other way…

  7. My mom loves to ride her horse but, she always makes sure to help me with my homework or take me to or tics before riding. There are many days that she just doesn’t get to ride because she is taking care of me and my sister.

  8. She’s the best because she constantly challenges herself and others around her. She is always there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. She goes above and beyond the call of duty in the many roles she plays in life.

  9. My mom always puts me before herself. She is a friend, advisor, mentor, & is my biggest supporter in life! She realized how much my love of horses was & purchased my first horse Wilbur for me when I was 13. She made me the happiest 7th grader ever 9 years ago! Love you MoM ❤

  10. My mother is my best friend and my mentor. From first teaching me to saddle up to getting out of bed at 4am to help me make it to every horse show she’s always been there for me 🙂
    I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive understanding mother and would do anything to return even a little of what she’s given me through life.

  11. My mom was a inspiration to all that met her, she was one of the most loving, caring, compassionate mothers she was my rock, she passed away5 years ago to MRSA and I miss her each and everyday.

  12. My mom is the best because even at 27 she will still drop everything and find a way to help me when I need it.

  13. My mom is the Best because she is loving, supportive & puts her families needs ahead of her own. She has traveled with me hundreds of miles across the country to horse shows, being the best “horse show mom” she could be. And, was later there to help me when at 22 years old I became confined to bed due to auto-immune health issues that still give me problems to this day! My mom truly is the Best and I love her dearly!

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