Tailgating Time

Football season is upon us and I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more excited. The thrill from reppin’ my favorite team, being outside, and holding a cold drink is a complete and accurate description of how I want to spend my fall weekends.

Showing up to the stadium to watch the sporting event and leaving when the final buzzer rings is okay and that makes you an awesome fan! Showing up to the stadium four hours before kickoff so you can grill some sort of meat and throw bags of corn into a rectangular board with a hole at the center, that also makes you an awesome fan! You see, the best way to cheer on your favorite team is to gather your friends and family and pitch a canopy tent in the parking lot. Unload coolers and lawn chairs near your portable grill and wave your team flag because today we are talking tailgating.

There are so many stories and ideas about how tailgating came about, some dating back to the Civil War when families would eat picnic styled meals up on the hills overlooking the battles. Battlefields to baseball, tailgating can be experienced anywhere. It doesn’t just have to be a sporting event either, it is completely acceptable to tailgate at stock shows and concerts.

A study shared by National Geographic’s stated that 35% of participants don’t even attend the game or event they are celebrating. This was no surprise to me and if you have ever been tailgating, you know why. The reason is because sitting in a lawn chair with your select favorite people and watching the game on a TV propped up on a tailgate can be more enjoyable than battling the crowds to sit far away from the field sharing leg space with strangers. Double bonus, if you stay at the tailgate, you don’t have to buy a $9 pretzel.

One of my favorite tailgates to attend is hosted by my friend’s parents. Her mom makes the best pasta salad and I asked her permission to share the recipe with you!


3-4 Cups of Pasta, your choice

2 Cucumbers, chopped up

2 Tomatoes, chopped up

1 Bottle of Ranch Dressing, 16 oz.

1 Green pepper, chopped up

1 Red onion, small, chopped up

1 Tablespoon of Salad Seasoning


Cook pasta

Drain/rinse to make noodles cold

Pour in Ranch dressing

Chop pepper, red onion, cucumbers, tomato and add to pasta bowl

Add seasoning and mix together

Refrigerate until serving time

Serves 4-6

Hosting a tailgate yourself doesn’t have to be hard! If you provide food, you’re automatically off to the right start. A compiled list of items often forgot when hosting a tailgate include: trash bags, extra can coozies, containers and baggies to store left over food, sunblock or bug spray and most importantly—antacid. By packing these items, checking the radar on your Weather app and showing up with food and friends, you’ll have an undefeated season of tailgating.

Comment below and share your favorite tailgating recipe or hacks that you use to make tailgating more enjoyable~

FSU Football

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