Kimes Ranch

Superior Fit. Classic Style. Western Uncomplicated.

If you were fortunate enough to be raised in a barn, or blessed with the chance to get there as soon as possible, then you already know how important jeans are. We all have that trusty pair of durable, reliable, comfy jeans that we continuously find ourselves pulling on. They are faded, fitted, and worn in all the right places. We could never imagine our lives without them and now we’ll never have to. If you don’t have a darling denim that serves as your go to, then you may have just stumbled upon your very first pair. Kimes Ranch jeans are just for you.

Not always named Kimes Ranch, this adventure for owners Matt and Amanda Kimes was originally named Longhorn Jean Company. It was eventually cut down to LJC Apparel and finally landed on Kimes Ranch. Here at Rod’s Western Palace, we have become really fond of the brand and the apparel it has to offer.

We love supporting a jean that can be taken from western wear straight to the streets and serve as an everyday jean. With headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona you can find different styles, rises, and cuts of KRJ sprinkled all across the west.

At the American Quarter Horse Congress hosted in Columbus, Ohio this fall, Rod’s Western Palace, will feature 2 denim styles for men and all of the lady styles. Additional apparel will be there as well including tops, hoodies, and hats. As our second year premiering this brand, our booth will offer an exclusive Betty styled Kimes and as well as two fun hoodies. That’s right, if you want this pair of jeans or these specific hoodies, Rod’s will be the only place you can catch them. Another release we are really looking forward to is the Black Betty, a black lady’s denim that we will have at Congress too so be on the lookout for those.

Let’s be honest, we know that the perfect jeans can make or break an outfit. With the right denim you can enjoy an evening on the town or a comfortable ride during your next contest. Either way, give Kimes the chance to be those jeans for you!



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