Wedding Season: Gift Ideas

It’s no secret; summer is right around the corner. As the calendar transitions from spring to warm summer months, more events and dates on those calendars will begin to fill up with pencil marks and dates reserved to spend with our loved ones. More specifically, our loved ones and their loved ones, that’s right—we’re talking wedding season.

As planting season (or replanting reason) slows down, wedding season will squeeze in sprinkled with baling hay, then straw and before harvest begins this fall.

Complimenting your busy schedules and lifestyles, you know, working to feed the rest of us- we found it only fair to provide a list of wedding gifts that not only our farming and ranching friends can’t go wrong with, but nearly anyone would love.

  • Dish towels: Just about everyone has a kitchen, right? In these kitchens, it’s likely you’ll have a mess from time to time or some dishes that need dried. No matter the color scheme or décor of the kitchen, most towels will match and add color and character.
  • Rugs inside or out: Try not to think of this as them remembering you every time they wipe their feet but more as thinking of you when they see the subtle splash of color or where their dog naps.
  • Wall décor, canvas, frames: Post wedding, the couple will have tons of new photos and memorabilia to display on their walls and shelves. Help add a western flare to the décor by providing frames and art to display their photos and personalities as husband and wife.
  • Personalized art work: With the newlywed’s new last name this makes for a sweet piece to their walkway or a back porch to help them greet guests.
  • Concert tickets: I’m all for the “experience” rather than material items. This could be a trip to a country concert or a weekend exploring. If you’re making the purchase, you could grab tickets just for the couple to go or you could even grab a couple tickets for the couple as well as yourself and your own significant other to enjoy all together.
  • Bath collection: If you know the couple is remodeling or looking to update the bathroom, this is great. I recommend looking at their gift registry to see if a color scheme is available for ideas.
  • Wine Glasses: I mean, you can’t really have too many glasses!
  • Bedding Collection: If they have been living together, there is a chance this room has been taken care of. In the case it hasn’t or you’ve been on a tour of their new home and personally noticed the need for an update, don’t hesitate to ask the couple’s opinion or ideas before investing in a whole new suite. I’d rather break the surprise than purchase a set they truly don’t like or want.
  • Gift card to Rod’s




Bonus: A classic piece we love so much, shop it here

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