Crazy for Cactus

The newest marvel to spike over summer comes from the desert and currently resides on jewelry, fashion, home décor, and posed as a house plant.

If you haven’t been poked by the succulent sensation that is climbing the chart of top trends, look no further because we have enough to fuel your new cactus craving.

Cacti can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes and they’re appropriate in nearly any situation. Let us show you…

Around your home, you can surely position a cactus in a vase or pot, put it in the corner of the room or on a table, and be fine. If you’re looking to take your appeal a little bit further though, try adding a cactus vase or a coaster set and even some throw pillows to the room or bedroom.

In your kitchen, adding a cactus salt & pepper set can be a subtle move or you can coordinate some of your dish towels to go along. If you’re interested in taking your cactus pursuit to the next level, add a new dish set, fun drinking glasses, or a cookie jar that measures nearly a foot tall.


Earrings, bracelets and even necklaces, hang a cactus pendant or charm from any accessory! Your friends will be poking to find out where you’ve been shopping lately. Display your extra jewelry from a jewelry holder or carry it in your leather cactus crossbody bag!


Fashion: Headed to a concert, a fair or festival, or even back to school, be sure to add a top sporting a cactus or a cactus boot! These tops are easy to layer up with necklaces or toss a kimono over.


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