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Show Stopping Colors

                 As you are looking toward the upcoming show season and planning your outfit, you may find yourself wondering what colors to choose. In the show ring there is an array of colors and styles from which choose, and Rod’s has put together a simple guide for your convenience.

Brunette Horses – Bay, Black, White, Silver Gray or Blue Roan

         For your brunette horses you want a color that will pop! Try jeweled colors such as blue, purple or red. 

Red Horses – Sorrel, Chestnut, Red Roan or Dun

          Red Horses tend to clash with many colors. Neutral colors such as sand, caramel and chocolate tend to show      the best up against the redheads.

Neutral Horses- Buckskin, Palomino or Grulla

            Any color compliments these horses!

Things to Keep in Mind-

-Darker colors minimize and bright colors emphasize.

-Bright colors generally are categorized as “younger” looking colors.

-75% of people will be wearing black in the show ring. If you’re contemplating wearing a black blouse, make it stand out from the crowd!


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