Blanket Fitting Made Easy: How to Measure Your Horse

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to easily measure your horse for a blanket or sheet. All you’ll need is a good sized piece of rope or twine, a measuring tape and your horse! Watch a tutorial below

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BITS: What type should I use on my horse?

Looking for a new bit or don’t know which one is right for your horse?

Let Jon Johnson bit extraordinaire, give you a little “bit” of knowledge when choosing the perfect bit for you and your horse!

In the video, Jon describes three styles of bits, the snaffle, curb, and hackamore.

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Host a Girls Night In: Galentine’s Day Edition

The loveliest and most heartwarming holiday is right around the corner. And no we are not talking about Valentine’s Day.

February 13th, also known as Galentine’s Day, what started out as a fictional holiday on a popular TV show, has now become a highly recognized day to celebrate the lovely ladies in your life.Check out some sweet tips for hosting a fabulous girl’s night! Read More

10 Tips to Winterize Your Barn


The cold weather is approaching, and FAST! Do you know the essentials to keep your barn and your furry loved ones ready for mother-nature? If you haven’t prepared your barn for the cold weather, here are 10 tips to ease the task of winterizing your barn this season.

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The Giving Plate: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Many of us wish to give thanks in some way during the holiday season. The giving or the “pass it on” plate is a simple and easy way to spread love and holiday cheer.

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Three Ways to Decorate Your Table for Thanksgiving

Looking to do something different with your table setting this Thanksgiving? Here are three unique ways to decorate your table for turkey day.


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6 Must-Haves For Fall

Fall isn’t just about pumpkin spice everything (although we do like the yummy drink on occasion) it is also about layering, wearing cozy tops and trying out the season’s latest trends. Check out our 6 must-haves to rock this fall!

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