10 Activities to do while at home

There’s no place like home. For most of us, the COVID-19 virus has many of us spending the majority of our time inside the comfort of our home.  Looking for things to past the time? We have 10 activities to do while at home.

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5 Swinging Dress Styles

March 6th is National Dress Day. What better way to celebrate the start of the warmer weather season than with a new dress?

We have 5 styles that you should rock on National Dress Day and throughout the spring and summertime!

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A New Brand On the Horizon: Country Grace

At Rod’s, we believe God’s Grace is the reason for all the blessings we share in our lives and in our business. Like most everyone, we have had ups and downs along the way, and it is by his Grace that we carry on. To honor that we have so named our new brand “Country Grace.”


Country Grace is Rod’s True Western’s fashion and home assortment where country charm meets uptown style. With a neutral color palette and graceful styles of quilting, florals, embroidery, lace and eyelet motifs, Country Grace is more than a design savvy collection; it is a refreshing influence of nature finessed into modern-day living.

Whether you’re spiritual, young at heart, inspired by nature, a horse enthusiast, or feminine with a modern flair, through every stitch and every swatch, our mission is to design a collection that describes your lifestyle and also nurtures and empowers your spirit.

By His grace, we created this inspirational collection, and by grace alone, this collection has now become a part of the True Western Family.

Coming March 23, 2020

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What’s Your Denim Style?

If you’re anything like us, we dread shopping for jeans. But don’t fret cowgirl, we are here to help ease the stress of jean shopping a breeze! 

Here are our some of our favorite style for you and your lifestyle!

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4 Spaces to Refresh in 2020

The holiday haze has worn off, looking at the aftermath of the month’s celebrations; you notice the house is a little barer than you remember. Ring in the new year with a home refresh!  Here are some easy tips to give your home a fresh start for 2020.

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Ponchos that pack a PUNCH!

We love a good poncho. Not only is it like wearing a blanket out in public, but they go with just about every outfit. Swap your knits and cashmere for an oversized poncho, here are our favorites to shop now.

Moving Mountains Poncho
Was $49.99 Now $34.99      
Prairie Plaid Poncho
Was $39.99 Now $24.99
Payette Poncho
Was $49.95 Now $29.99
Fort Dodge Poncho
Was $49.95 Now $29.99
Heaven’s Peak Southwest Poncho
Was $39.95 Now $19.99


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Winterize Your Barn: Checklist

Winterize Your Barn: Checklist

The cold weather has come, do you have the essentials to keep your barn and your furry loved ones ready for winter? If you haven’t prepared your barn for the cold weather, read and print out our checklist below to ease the task of winterizing your barn this season.  

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