Show Season Style: How to Dress For Success

With horse show season upon us, it is time for you and your horse to dress for success

while in the pen.

So Fresh and So Clean

No matter what discipline you are competing in, it’s important to ensure your show attire is in nice condition to make a good first impression on the judges. Keeping your show clothes clean and in good condition involves hanging them up in a garment bag when you’re finished showing. Not only are you being judged on your horse’s performance, but also the overall appearance and comradery of horse and rider as a whole.

Coordinate Not Match

Always remember you want to coordinate your show clothing to your horse, not math them. Check out an easy guide when deciding which color looks best for your horse.

  • Sorrel, chestnut, red roan, dun- softer earth-tone shades of sand, rust, brown, peach, and most any green tone.
  • Bay, black, white, most grays-bright jewel-tone colors like red, blue, purple, and also the greens well.
  • Palominos, buckskins, and grullas- Earth-tone or jewel-tone accents.


But What do I Wear?

When choosing the great show day outfit, check out this comprehensive guide from our friends at Hobby Horse Show Clothing below.



For more show tips or horse show necessities, visit 



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